About Hannah

Hannah is a child whose dedication to helping the homeless is creating awareness for their plight and raising funds for their needs around the world.

When Hannah was 5, she saw a man eating out of a garbage can on a frozen winter day. Hannah was very sad, and for a long time thought about that man and worried where he was and what he would be eating. She talked about homelessness a lot. “Why, why, why?” she asked. “If everyone shared what they had, could that cure homelessness?

By 8, Hannah had founded The Ladybug Foundation Inc., a registered charitable foundation, and become the innocent face of the homeless, seeing their plight with the love and clarity of a child, speaking to politicians, business leaders, students, the media and thousands of others to raise awareness of their needs and funds to help feed and shelter them.


Her message is rich with love, respect, and value for her “lost and forgotten homeless”: “We all have sooo much – we just need to share a little of what we have and care about each other always!

Her vision is pure and uncomplicated: “No one should have to eat out of a garbage can. Everyone should have a home.

Her course of action is clear: “We all need to work together forever to help our homeless people”.

Hannah has been recognized across Canada and the United States for her remarkable efforts. She has begun to take her message around the world, and expand her experience as a human rights activist.

About The Ladybug Foundation Inc.

The Ladybug Foundation Inc.

Founded by Hannah in 2004, The Ladybug Foundation Inc. is Canadian non-profit registered charitable foundation (BN 86213 8278 RR0001). The Foundation supports Hannah’s efforts to raise awareness and funds to support charitable organizations which provide food, shelter and other needs of the homeless and near homeless in Canada. Funds raised by The Ladybug Foundation are used to support projects in Canada that “touch a homeless person in the next 24 hours”.

For more information about The Ladybug Foundation Inc., please visit our website at www.ladybugfoundation.ca.

About The Ladybug Foundation Education Program Inc.

The Ladybug Foundation Education Program Inc.

makeChange™ is a project developed by The Ladybug Foundation Education Program Inc., a Canadian non-profit registered charitable organization founded by Hannah in 2006 (BN 82093 0873 RR0001) as a “sister” charity, funded separately from The Ladybug Foundation, specifically for the purpose of developing and implementing the Program.

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