Hannah's Highlights

Hi Everyone its Hannah

Thanks for helping Make Change in our world for the better. I believe in my heart if we all work and care together, all things are possible.

One of the most exciting highlights for this year is makeChange: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program. It's a dream come true for all of us !!

The idea for this program came because whenever I would go and talk to children, they would almost always get in touch with me and say "if you can do it Hannah, I can too". So I went to our Ladybug Foundation Board and told them about all the kids that wanted to help Make Change ! I said that I am just a regular kid, but I have had a lot of chances, and my wish is that The Ladybug Foundation could develop a program that would give all Canadian children the same chances I have had. So we worked real hard with great teachers, education advisors, creative specialists and funding partners, and now we have makeChange™: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program for every Canadian. And that makes my heart soooo hopeful !!!

And some of my upcoming events are:

  • Visiting and helping at shelters and foodbanks across Canada.
  • Speaking to 600 people people from The United Way in Alberta.
  • Delivering her message to The Professional Property Management Association in Winnipeg.
  • Speaking to teachers and educators across Canada.
  • Work in Sweden with The World's Children's Prize for The Right's of the Child
  • Speak to school children across Canada about makeChange and the work I do, and how we can do it together !!

And of course working hard at grade 7. Play guitar, flute, sing, ballet, finish my second book and get it published, english ride, visit my Nana's cottage, hang out with my brother and two sisters. Take care of my two dogs, cat and fish, work with government to makeChange and have a sleep over at my house with my best girlfriends'. Oh yes, and my dream is to dog sled in the north and visit Nome, Alaska to see the finish of the Iditarod dog sled race!

So from my heart to your heart, and your heart to theirs! Together we can makeChange!!

Your friend,

We want to hear back from you!

Have your students email Hannah through makeChange with Hannah at to tell us all about your makeChange Project and how you helped make a difference in the lives of others.

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