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Manitoba News Release

October 23, 2008


Homelessness, hunger and street-life issues will be introduced to kindergarten to Grade 12 students across Canada through a new Ladybug Foundation initiative with the province's support of $450,000 over three years, Education, Citizenship and Youth Minister Peter Bjornson announced today.

"When young Hannah Taylor decided to help homeless people in Winnipeg, she proved one person can make a profound difference in the lives of many," Bjornson said. "This new Ladybug Foundation initiative encourages good citizenship and motivates youth to get involved in community-based social issues and we're proud to support it."

The new initiative, called Make Change, helps students to build awareness of the issues surrounding street life and they are also encouraged to participate in community action that will reduce the effects of poverty.

The educational resource kit includes user-friendly, age-appropriate content such as lesson plans, suggestions and actions enhanced by effective multimedia resources, teacher support and feedback. Manitoba's support of the foundation will ensure that over the next three years Manitoba schools will receive a set of the kits free of charge, said Bjornson.

"Make Change resulted from one young person's vision of a better world," the minister added. "The Ladybug Foundation's education program will help rally the energy and ideas of Manitoba students around social consciousness and compassion for others, and will extend the program to students across the country over the next three years."

Taylor has been recognized as a social activist throughout North America and the Ladybug Foundation's message is now being heard in various countries worldwide. More information is available on the foundation's website at

Thank You - A Letter from Hannah

Good Morning Everyone.

I want to start by thanking with all my heart, the Province of Manitoba and our Department of Education. What they have chosen to do today by supporting The Ladybug Foundation Education Program shows us all that they believe that it is within each one of us to make change in the world for the better. This program was a dream for all of us at The Ladybug Foundation. I'll tell you how that dream started. You see, I have met and spoken to thousands of kids all over the world and every time I would speak to a class or a school about caring and helping the kids would almost always contact me and say - Hannah, if you can do it so can I. You see, I'm just a regular kid who has had lots of chances so I spoke to the people at The Ladybug Foundation and asked if we could make a program to help kids see, believe, and learn that they can make change in their community, their country, and their world for the better. Well, 3 years later and lots of work from a great group of people and donors that helped out, makeChange™: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program is here.

And our Province and Department of Education makes my heart hopeful because they are going to help bring makeChange™: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program to Manitoba children. So from my heart to your heart and from your hearts to theirs!

Thank you for helping makeChange™!

We want to hear back from you!

Have your students email Hannah through makeChange with Hannah at to tell us all about your makeChange Project and how you helped make a difference in the lives of others.

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