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There are original music/documentary video productions included with each Grade Level. There is also a Grade Level Video Summary providing a general description of the content of each video, the approximate running time, key words and warnings where appropriate. Teachers should preview all video content before screening it for students. Before use, consider classroom and community sensitivities, and age-appropriateness.

The list below links you to some sample video excepts. The video content included with each grade level of the Program is selected from the complete list below, to be grade- and content-appropriate.

Make Change Video

Make Change Music Video (full)

Make Change Video
(Included in K-8 Programs for promotional purposes only)

Make Change is a music video performed by Nolan Balzer to music and lyrics written by Olaf Pyttlik. This is original music written for makeChange™: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program. This empowering video introduces Hannah Taylor and merges the reality of homelessness with the ability to make a difference just by stepping outside of normal boundaries to engage with the homeless.

The video is an artistic representation of Hannah’s journey and young students may not distinguish that from the reality of safety concerns of unsafe areas and approaching strangers, despite safety warnings from teachers.

Contains Hannah’s warning about taking care with strangers.

Length: five minutes

Grade Level Vignette

Hannah Taylor introduces makeChange™: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program with a short video vignette, different for each grade. Each short video highlights an image or “moment” relevant to what is to be taught during the Program.

Length: 1:15 minutes

Share a Little of What You Have

This documentary of images of homelessness, poverty and hope, and stories of change, ultimately encourages everyone to follow the example of Hannah and “share a little of what you have and care about each other always.”

Length: 13 minutes


Fragile is a music video performed by young, talented Amanda Falk to lyrics and music written by Amanda Falk. The music is powerful and depicts motivating and thoughtful imagery of hunger, homelessness and poverty from around the world.

Length: five minutes

Hannah’s Speech

Recorded at age 11, Hannah speaks to students through this video as she has spoken to thousands of people across Canada and in other parts of the world. Listen to Hannah’s story, and her inspiring message of love and caring.

Length: 22 minutes

Ruby’s Hope

Ruby's Hope (sample)

Ruby’s Hope

This is an animated version of Hannah Taylor’s popular children’s book, Ruby’s Hope. Ruby was a very lucky ladybug, until one day she saw a homeless bug asking for help. Ruby knew she had to do something and what she did from her heart changed her and all of Buggyville forever. Simply animated, this story inspires hope and caring, empowering others to get involved and makeChange, at any age.

Length: five minutes

Hannah’s Vision

Hannah’s Vision (sample)

Hannah’s Vision

This inspiring video shows Hannah at work, and depicts the remarkable impact that Hannah, as a nine-yearold, and her Ladybug Foundation, made on the homeless and the community.

Length: 6:30 minutes

Hannah’s Passion

This documentary, produced for television, tells the story of how Hannah and The Ladybug Foundation started. It describes Hannah’s “moment of change” and how that moment shaped her family and affected her community and the people she set out to help. Note that, as it was produced for television, Hannah’s Passion contains two “breaks” (intended for advertising).

Length: 21 minutes

Homes of Hope

Homes of Hope (sample)

Homes of Hope

This documentary takes place in Tijuana, Mexico. Hannah, along with her family and friends traveled to the slums of Tijuana to build a house for a homeless single mother and her two children. Students are introduced to the struggles of a different kind of poverty in a foreign country, and grow attached to Leslie, Ricardo and Christie as they watch their home rise from the hearts and efforts of a group of caring people.

Length: 17:30 minutes

Afrique 2007

This is the first of a two-part documentary series. In this half hour we meet the teachers, students, and parents of College Jeanne Sauve in Winnipeg. Inspired by humanitarian Stephen Lewis, these students start a four-year quest to learn about hunger, homelessness and poverty in MBour, Senegal, and to send aid and assistance. Their quest ends with a Grade 12 trip to MBour to see what change they have made. They learn how to overcome obstacles, raise awareness and fundraise in order to help stimulate an impoverished but always hopeful community in another continent.

Length: 22 minutes

Afrique, The Journey

This is the follow up to Afrique 2007. More than 60 parents, teachers and students travel to MBour, Senegal for the graduating class trip, to meet the people they have been helping for four years, see the change that has come from their efforts and capture the desperate optimism of a people determined to lift themselves and their community out of relentless poverty and hunger.

Length: 27 minutes

Stories from the Street

Stories from the Street (full)

Stories from the Street

This documentary tells stark and honest stories of life on the streets of Calgary, from the voices of the homeless and the leaders of organizations trying to help. Viewers will quickly see that homelessness in Canada knows no ethnic, gender or age boundaries. There are no easy answers but the root of change comes from hope and caring.

Content Warning: some graphic content and images

Length: 16:30 minutes

Street Underage

This documentary follows the stories of two young people who have lived on the streets since they were kids, with the added perspective of one of the organizations trying to help them. Living under bridges, finding comfort on pieces of cardboard, they wander the streets looking to find odd jobs. Some street kids are escaping abusive situations but all find life on the streets hard, and are in search of kindness, love and hope for the future.

Content Warning: some graphic content and images

Length: 10:30 minutes

The Cycle

The Cycle (sample)

The Cycle

Reality programs have nothing on the realities of street life in one of the harshest places to overcome addictions, mental illness and street life. The streets of Vancouver’s notorious East Hastings district are unforgiving and dangerous. The stories are told by the people living them, and by one organization trying to help. Living in this city’s homeless community is not for the weak.

Content Warning: some graphic content and images

Length: 20 minutes

Voices of Africa

In a remote African village, viewers will meet a community of people that survive on less than one meal a day, struggle through drought, no education and disease, where women carry the daily burdens of home, family and income. Yet it is an inspiring story of hope, as we learn of the many challenges they face, yet witness the joy and pride of a community that has found that education is the answer to elevating itself from poverty.

Length: 11:20 minutes

Rwanda to Canada

This is a remarkable and dramatic story of survival and sanctuary for a Rwandan refugee. As a child, alone and on the run in the jungle, Christian Butara survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994, but not without witnessing his father’s murder and losing more than 100 family members and friends. Christian tells the moving story of his childhood, and the solace and opportunity he found after immigrating to Canada.

Content Warning: some graphic images and content

Length: 15:30 minutes

Right to Rights

Right to Rights (sample)

Right to Rights

These documentaries introduce viewers to children from around the globe, as they tell their compelling stories of the abuses of children’s rights. Not one story is the same, yet they share an unimaginable suffering and a determined vision for change. The children in this documentary participate as jury members for The World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child, and are learning about their human rights. Despite their often bleak circumstances, they are standing up and demanding their rights be recognized: rights to education, shelter, safety and, ultimately, the right to be valued.

  • Gaba
    The story of Gabatshwane Gumeda, a teenage girl who is an aids orphan from South Africa.
    Content Warning: some graphic images and content
    Length: 7:10 minutes
  • Mary
    The story of Mary Smart, a teenager from Sierre Leone, whose father, brother and sister were killed in the civil war in their country when she was only nine.
    Content Warning: some graphic content and images
    Length: 9:30 minutes
  • Hassana
    The story of Hassana Hameida, a teenager who has lived all his life in a refugee camp in the Algerian desert.
    Length: 6:10 minutes
  • Idalmin
    The story of Idalmin Santana, an American teenager whose parents were imprisoned for drug-related offences.
    Content Warning: some graphic content
    Length: 9:30 minutes
  • Omar
    The story of Omar Bandak, a Palestinian teenager, who wants peace, safety and security.
    Content Warning: some graphic content and images
    Length: 6:10 minutes
  • Isabel
    The story of Isabel Mathe, a teenager from Mozambique, who lost her leg to a land mine at age four.
    Content Warning: some graphic content and images
    Length: 8:30 minutes

“Something from Nothing”

This video documents the majestic and inspiring achievements of three women who, starting with nothing but a vision for change, set out in their own ways to make a difference to children who were suffering in their countries. Featured are:

  • Cynthia Maung,whose clinic helps the children of Burma.
    Content Warning: some graphic content and images
    Length: 8:45 minutes
  • Inderjit Kurana,who created “train station platform” and mobile classrooms for impoverished children in India.
    Content Warning: some graphic content and images
    Length: 14:50 minutes

“Thomas’ Story”

Thomas is a former child soldier living in Uganda. He was abducted from his small thatched hut along with his two young sisters. His youngest sister was sold into slavery in Egypt, while his other sister was killed and died in Thomas’ arms. This powerful documentary delivers insight into a devastating reality for hundreds of thousands of children who are forced to kill. Thomas’ Story also speaks to the horror filled-future of a child soldier, even if he can escape the clutches of a guerilla army.

Content Warning: mature topic

Length: 14 minutes

makeChange™ Moments

These short stories demonstrate how schools, classrooms and individuals across Canada are making change!

The Cycle

makeChange™ Moments #1

The Cycle

makeChange™ Moments #3

The Cycle

makeChange™ Moments #4

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