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Grade Level Poster

Letter to Parents and Guardians

The Program materials include a Grade level-appropriate, prepared form of letter to parents and guardians for teachers to copy and send, to assist in introducing and outlining the makeChange™ Program.

Poster Images

Each Grade Level includes a different, original Grade Level Poster Image, with “Poster Notes” explaining the story behind the image.

Outcomes/Connections Templates

For each Grade Level, targeted curricular outcomes and cluster connections are summarized in templates included in the Program.

Lesson Plans

The Program includes comprehensive and creative lesson plans at each Grade Level, incorporating “Activating”, “Acquiring”, “Empowerment”, and “Applying” activities.

View a complete list of our Education Resource Package Contents by Grade Level.

Black Line Masters/Framing Your Thinking

Black Line Masters (BLM’s) are included to support certain lesson plans at appropriate grade levels. Grades 9-12 include “Frames” to assist students to process information, understandings and feelings. BLM’s and Frames are supplied in hard copy, and on CD, to allow you to adapt them into your lesson strategy.

I can makeChange™ Web Pages

Lessons and information can be supplemented for each age, by accessing the I can makeChange™ text and challenges.

Original Video Content

There are original music/documentary video productions included with each Grade Level. There is also a Grade Level Video Summary providing a general description of the content of each video, the approximate running time, key words and warnings where appropriate. Teachers should preview all video content before screening it for students.

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I can makeChange™ Social Action Project Planning Charts

Charts to help plan your “makeChange™” social action project are included in written form in this resource, and in editable PDF format online at

Quote Study

Each Grade Level of the Program includes relevant, well-known quotations for study.

Powerpoint Presentations

Some lesson plans at certain Grade Levels include engaging “powerpoint” presentations, which are provided with the Program.

Ruby’s Hope

For grades K-4, the Program includes a hardcover copy of Hannah’s inspiring children’s book, Ruby’s Hope, a beautifully written story of hope and caring. Additional copies of Ruby’s Hope (hardcover and softcover) can be purchased from McNally Robinson Booksellers online at

Find out more about "Ruby's Hope".

Young Heroes – Hannah Taylor: Helping the Homeless

Included for grades 5-12, Author Q.L. Pearce writes a beautifully descriptive and moving account of Hannah’s work for the homeless. © Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved. For more information, go to

Written Music

The Program includes the written words and music for the original songs “Make Change”, “The Ladybug Song”, and “Fragile”, which are featured in the Program’s videos.

Listen to samples of available music.

Gerald Folkerts’ Artwork

The Program includes Gerald Folkerts’ moving collection of Homelessness and Poverty artwork, captured on CD for flexible teacher lesson planning. © Gerald Folkerts. All rights reserved. Mr. Folkerts’ artwork may be reproduced from the CD only for the proper purposes of the Program.

Tim Huff Narratives and Artwork

The Program includes a collection of original narratives of true stories from the street, authored by Tim Huff, complimented by his passionate artwork. These heartfelt stories have been included as additional resources at appropriate grade levels. © Tim Huff. All rights reserved. Mr. Huff’s narratives and artwork may be reproduced only for the proper purposes of the Program.

Bibliography, Webliography, Musicography, Videography

For each Grade Level, the Program includes an extensive bibliography, webliography, musicography and videography. A comprehensive K-12 Bibliography is also included.

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Ladybug Foundation Resources

For more information about The Ladybug Foundation Inc. ( and The Ladybug Foundation Education Program Inc. (, please visit our websites.


The Program includes the original MakeYouThink®TV video production. “Collide”, exploring the value of giving and inspiring young people to think about values, from the MakeYouThink Values Collection produced by Shauna Simmonds. © MakeYouThink®TV. All rights reserved. For more information, go to

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