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Grade Level Poster

makeChange™ molds 6 key elements into an integrated educational resource:

Activating – “Seeing and Engaging”

The Program’s grade level poster images, original makeChange™ music video, original grade level video vignettes and “Activating Activities” capture Hannah’s experience of “seeing and engaging”.

Hannah saw and was captivated by a tattered man eating out of a garbage can on a cold winter day, which made her worry, wonder and question about him, what he was doing, what he was eating, and how he was surviving on the street.

Acquiring – “Inquiring and Investigating”

The Program’s “Acquiring Activities”, supplemented by more original music and video content and by the informative and challenging I can makeChange™ website, capture Hannah’s experience of “inquiring and investigating”.

Hannah asked questions about that man and learned more about homelessness and hunger for more than a year after seeing him, before she decided to try to help.

Empowering – “You can make a difference!”

The Program’s Empowerment and Applying Activities capture the moment that Hannah was empowered, at a young age, to get involved and make a difference.

One evening, when Hannah was worrying and wondering, her Mom said to her, “Sometimes when you do something about a problem, your heart won’t feel so sad.” The next day, Hannah had a plan to help out.

makeChange™ Moments™* – Getting Involved!

The Program leads to planning and implementing social actions (taking steps to help others and make change) and provides tools to assist teachers and students in the process.

When she was 7, Hannah came up with a plan, met with her Grade 1 teacher and carried on to implement a plan to help a homeless shelter – all of which ultimately led her to found The Ladybug Foundation and take her message of love and caring across Canada, and now, to other parts of the world.

I can makeChange™ Social Action Project Planning Charts™* and Web Pages

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The Program’s development staff has created the I can makeChange™ web pages to provide captivating, interactive web challenges, supplemental informational content and the interactive I can makeChange™ Social Action Project Planning Charts to supplement and enhance the scope of the learning experience for teachers and students, and teach the value of good planning when it comes to designing programs and actions to help others.

Click here to visit the I can makeChange™ web pages.

Reflection and Assessment

The Program adds additional elements of “Reflection”, where teachers and students are encouraged to reflect on their learning, and to make connections for future learning, and “Assessment”, to evaluate success in achieving outcomes.

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