Lesson & Program Structure
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Lesson Structure

Grade Level Poster

makeChange™ includes prepared lesson plans for each Grade Level, supplemented by all of the resources of the Program, to permit maximum flexibility. Teachers can use the recommended lesson plan, or adapt them to design your own lesson structure.

Program Structure

The makeChange™ written resource content is structured to include, for each grade, specific targets (1) Curriculum Outcomes/Cluster Connections, (2) "Enduring Understandings", and (3) "Inquiries".

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  1. Curriculum Outcomes/Cluster Connections
    To align makeChange™ with existing curricula without creating an add-on, and to enhance time efficiency and effectiveness, the Program includes as many of the Curriculum Outcomes/Cluster Connections as possible derived from various Canadian curricula protocols for Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Math or Health, as the case may be, and are referenced accordingly.
  2. Enduring Understandings
    To enable teachers to have clear, real world "ends in mind" as they teach the Program, our Teacher Development Team has sifted out and summarized the "big ideas" from the curricula. These are the ideas taken from the curricula that are intended to endure beyond the classroom. We have arranged those into target "Enduring Understandings". The Enduring Understandings are written for teachers.
  3. Inquiry
    The "Inquiries" described in the Program are re-phrasings of the Enduring Understandings, written as "tag lines" for students to provide clear, readily understandable learning outcomes.
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