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Using the makeChange™ Program

Before you start, go to the I can makeChange™ web pages at www. to see what supplemental information, challenges and makeChange™ Social Action Project Planning Charts are there for you and your students to use and enjoy.

Step 1: Activating – “Seeing and Engaging”

The Program is designed to have students “see” the problem, and become concerned, curious and caring about it.

For each grade, the Program begins with a different video vignette, which includes the moving music video for the original song Make Change, and which introduces a powerful age-appropriate homelessness/hunger/poverty/street life poster image to captivate and engage students. This replicates Hannah’s experience of “seeing the man eating out of the garbage can”.

We recommend that the poster be posted in the classroom for the duration of the Program, as a continual reminder to enhance the activating process. “Seeing and engaging” is also supported by specific and intentional activities written into the Program, by the Program’s video content and (for appropriate grade levels) by moving artwork and narratives telling true stories from the street.

Step 2: Acquiring – “Inquiring and Investigating”

Having become “concerned, curious and caring” about the image, and the homelessness/hunger/poverty/street life challenges it conveys, students ask questions and learn more about those topics.

Through specific activities, video content, referenced books and other sources, and the I can makeChange™ web pages, the Program leads students to information about homelessness, hunger, poverty and streetlife which may be new, may confirm prior knowledge or may help to recognize misconceptions.

makeChange™ is deliberately crafted to dovetail its “acquiring” activities with existing Canadian social studies, health, science, language arts or other curricular outcomes, to enhance curriculum without creating an “add-on”.

Step 3: Empowerment – “Applying Activities”

Having learned more about the needs of homeless and hungry people, or people living in poverty or on the street, makeChange™ wants students to come to understand that they can do something about these problems, no matter what age – that by taking action themselves or with others, each one of us can make a difference in the lives of homeless and hungry people.

To do this, makeChange™ brings Hannah’s experience of empowerment and “the power of one” to the classroom and includes activities at each grade level that inspire students to become “empowered” – to get involved to help the problem and help others.

Step 4: makeChange™ Moment – Your Social Actions!

Having become empowered to get involved to make a difference, the Program is designed to lead students individually, in groups, clubs or as a classroom or school, to create and put into action a plan to help with needs and conditions of the homeless and hungry – your makeChange™ Project!

Included is the lesson that their learning can go beyond the classroom, to touch people in far-reaching ways, big or small, by bringing to bear the students’ unique visions, talents, creativity and passions.

To do this, makeChange™ includes specific planning tools in these materials and online (the I can makeChange™ Social Action Project Planning Charts) and offers menus of action activities that help students respond on a personal level.

The Program also includes the I can makeChange™ web pages and challenges, a web-based learning and planning program accessible from The Ladybug Foundation Education Program website at

Step 5: Reflection

Having learned, become empowered and acted, the Program encourages students and teachers to look back on their experience and make connections for future learning and action.

To do this, makeChange™ includes activities for teachers and students to discuss and explore what they did, record observations, recall events, celebrate successes, and recognize the meaning and importance of what they have done for people in need of help.

Step 6: Assessment

makeChange™ provides teachers with the opportunity and resources to assess student perceptions and understandings as they relate to the issues of homelessness, hunger, poverty and street life. This includes “assessments for learning”, to help inform teacher instruction, and “assessments of learning”, to evaluate students’ understanding of the curriculum content.

Program Sequence

For grades K-8, makeChange™ is most effectively delivered in accordance with the recommended Program Sequence. For Grades 9-12, the Program is deliberately crafted for flexibility and choice as to how it is presented. Teachers may choose to teach the Program as a unit, or have the Program unfold over time throughout the year.

Using the I can makeChange™ Web Pages

The I can makeChange™ web pages can be found at

These pages are organized by age level: Level 1 – ages 5-7; Level 2 – ages 8-10; Level 3 – ages 11-14 and Level 4 – ages 15-18. These pages contain information about homelessness, hunger, poverty and street life that is intended to both supplement the information and lesson plans contained in the Program, and also be available generally as a resource to teachers, students and others who may access the site.

The reading level for the informational content is deliberately high for the younger ages. The intention is to have teachers or parents lead the students through the informational pages, to maximize the opportunity for learning.

You will find age-appropriate “games” and challenges at each level of I can makeChange™, to have fun with learning.

Using the I can makeChange™ Social Action Project Planning Charts

Hannah has learned that planning the steps you are going to take and the outcomes you want, can help best achieve your goals. It is true that as adults, many worthy social projects fall short because of lack of planning. It is an important skill to learn and an important tool to use.

One of the goals of the Program is to teach students to plan, and to plan at progressively more sophisticated levels as they get older. For that purpose, the Program includes Planning Charts, to teach planning skills and aid teachers and students in planning their makeChange™ projects.

Plans can be completed using the hard copy provided with the Program, or by making use of the online Planning Charts available at the I can makeChange™ web pages at

The online Planning Chart is an editable pdf, which works similar to a Word document. You can enter your plan directly on the form and save a copy to your desktop, files or CD. By saving a copy, you can work on the plan in sections to build a complete makeChange™ Project plan.

The Planning Chart can be used by teachers to create a written “narrative” plan, as a guideline for discussion with students on planning or simply as a class preparation tool.

The Planning Chart provides cues to help understand and complete your plan for social action. Post your plan in the classroom near the thematic poster where you can easily refer to it and track your progress.

Original Music Videos and Documentary Videos

Sorry, our inventory is sold out!

There are from 8 to 17 original video productions included with the Grade Level packages, varying with Grade Level. Teachers can match appropriate content with their grade level. The video productions provided with the Program may be included in specific lesson plans or can be used by teachers as they see fit to inform, inspire and supplement or create your own lesson plan.

Teachers should preview all video content before screening it for students.

Please note the Grade Level Video Content Summary included with these materials.

The National Film Board of Canada has produced an engaging documentary video about Hannah entitled “Hannah’s Story”, which gives new meaning to the term “role model”. Copies may be obtained through the National Film Board’s website at See the insert included with these materials.

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